Spray Paint Obsession

I confess – I bought spray paint.  It seems like a terrible thing to buy with all the chemicals that explode into the atmosphere.  And it goes against our no VOC paint strategy.  But for $5 you can really do a lot with a can of paint. 

First project: Sconces


The brass sconces were dated and we couldn’t  decide on replacements.  I thought I’d test out some paint with the realization that if they were ruined we’d have to just buy new ones.  At the time we hadn’t even decided the furniture layout never mind the feel for the living room. 

With a little love…err  paint



Second project:  Desk chair

We found this chair for sale down the street at a house that is for sale.  The white paint was chipping and I decided black would be a bolder statement with the white desk.  A little sanding and a little glossy black paint does wonders.

Third project:  Door knobs

It was very tempting to buy all new antique glass door knobs for the master bedroom.  But we needed six knobs and I would have to buy them sight unseen online.  Goodbye brass door knobs, hello antique bronze.

Painted white with antique brass knobs

The original closet doors

The warped door is a project for another day…

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