Winter Planters

With the change in weather it was inevitable that the frost attack would kill our mums.  Doesn’t it look so sad?  It didn’t really bother me at first.  I had enough on my hands with the holidays coming up.  But then we were getting ready for company to arrive and couldn’t let them see this on their first trip to our new house!

I started to poke around the yard.  We have a few boxwood shrubs and thought that maybe I could make something work.  After all, the boxwood wreaths at the store are beautiful!

And we have a couple holly bushes.   A few red berries can even to be found if you look hard enough.

With no time to spare, I start to place trimmed boxwood and holly branches in the planter in the shape of a wreath.  The branches were quite gnarly and managed to form a wreath that would actually stay put on it’s own.  I lucked out. 

I grabbed a few pine cones from the pine cone pile my husband created and added a few twigs of holly berries.  Easy peasy.

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