Guest Bedroom Boredom

The neutral tan paint in all the rooms upstairs is starting to bore me.  I asked my husband if we could paint the guest room a deeper brown and I guess it didn’t really come out as a question because of his response.  So I figured maybe I can dress up the room with some color… somehow.  I keep searching for a headboard that can warm up the room too. 

I’ve been meaning to put the full size down comforter on that bed anyways because the guest room is the coldest room in the house.   It just figures that I have three duvet options in tan.  Which one won’t blend into the wall?

They all will blend into the wall!!  The choice on the left is a very heavy denim-like material from Banana Republic.  Anyone remember their short lived bedding collection?  I was obsessed.  The middle one is a Calvin Klein duvet – it’s super soft and part of the same collection as the purple pillows I already have the bed.  The last choice is from Crate and Barrel. 

I need color.  Remebering the bright red throw that we got for Christmas from my mother-in-law, I decided to go with the Crate and Barrel Marrimekko duvet.  I swapped out the lamp for something with more uplighting and the photos for ones that will contract with the white side table (that I made in high school wood shop by the way). 

I think the result is a slightly warmer room for now.  I still need to add some throw pillows that pick up the red in the blanket.  And I’ll keep searching for that headboard. 

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