Dining Room Chandelier Project

I’m not sure what inspired me to change the dining room light fixture.  I think I was just sick of looking at the old one.  The chandelier that came with the house was bronze to start.  The previous owners had painted it black but didn’t do a very good job.  They obviously didn’t see my blog entry on spray paint!  The little chandelier shades with their bejeweled sparkle were the first things to go when we moved in.   The fixture sat about 30 inches from the ceiling and it was way too low for the ceilings in our house.

I talked my husband into a trip to Lowes on the way to the grocery store.  I thought switching out a chandelier would be easy. An hour project, right?  Oh so wrong… 


 Taking the old chandelier down was easy.  Check out their paint job… nice, eh?

Picking out a new fixture was easy…

I picked a fixture that was very different.  It’s ‘onyx’ and has a unique glow when the lights are on. 
 The problem came to “light” when the new fixture didn’t fit over the existing electrical box.

Back to Lowes.  My husband found a kit that allows you to brace the box from joist to joist.  This meant he had to cut out the existing strapping because it was flush to the ceiling.  Because of the ‘fun’ we were having I failed to take some pictures of this.  But I did get one of Mishu trying to help out by making use of the empty box.

 Here is the completed project.


My husband deserves a huge thank you for the Sunday afternoon project!!

Next project.. paint the chairs!

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