New Appliances… err.. partial new appliances

The new year has come and we made it through 2010 without buying new appliances as we promised.  Why be wasteful and throw away appliances that are working?  The tipping point was the smell that was coming from our microwave range that reminded us of Thanksgiving long after the holiday. 

After a lot of research we settled on Frigidaire Gallery appliances for the dishwasher, stove, and microwave range.   We continue to research refrigerators but due to space constraint haven’t found one that meets our requirements and fits. 

On Friday the appliance  truck rolls up, drops off our new appliances, and leaves with the old.  But WAIT! I hear Howard scream.  The bottom of the stove is smashed in.  ‘Would you like 15% off?’  they kindly ask.   Uh no, if we wanted a busted up stove we wouldn’t have bought a new one.  The replacement stove comes next Saturday.  That’s ok because Howard had his projects cut out for him when the dishwasher was a pain to put in (new electric wiring needed of course).  Doesn’t it look fabulous?!!

And the microwave vent didn’t align with the new microwave.  Jack to the rescue!  Jack is my dad and he is one handy man.  He came to visit on a day’s notice and helped Howard build a custom exhaust vent for the new microwave.  We found out that the old one was just venting into the space between the microwave and the cabinet.  That’s where our ‘smell’ had been hiding for the past 20+ years.  With Jack’s help our new vent blasts everything out of the house!

 We can’t wait for the new stove!  That will make this picture look even better!!  More on Saturday assuming the stove isn’t broken again!

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