A brief indoor house update

Since we’ve been doing a little of this, a little of that around the house there hasn’t been much to share on the blog.

We are almost done painting the family room.  It looks much cleaner but the color is about the same.  I was surprised to find how hard it is to pick out a tan/off-white color.  They all look so different under the harsh lights at the store.  Once we got the samples home, everything looked white.  We tried a darker tan but it made the room feel small and not as bright.

We used Olympic Paint.  Heirloom Lace was used for the trim.  Brandied Pears was used for the walls. There is a very subtle difference in the evening between the two.  Don’t the samples look totally different??

I finally hemmed the curtains too.  Before they were just pinned up.  I know, they look the same to you.. but I know they are finished now..

We also swapped out the kitchen hardware.  Before the black knobs felt cheap.  We replaced them with a sturdier knob in a brushed satin.

The funny thing about the hardware is that my husband and I both counted the same wrong number of knobs.  We were sitting at the kitchen island and forgot about the hardware for the doors below.  Oops.  Luckily Lowes had a few more in stock to finish up the project without another special order.

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