A little more about me

My husband and I have a busy weekend coming up so I don’t think we’ll be embarking on any new home projects.  Cleaning, laundry, hitting the grocery store and poking around the yard is probably all we’ll accomplish and I’m fine with that.  This week I ordered a new chair for the family room and the teak table for the porch so things are still happening despite the lull in blog posts. 

I thought I’d take some time share a little bit more about myself today.  

I try to be green.  I’m primarily vegetarian with the occassional indulgence in seafood.  I try to eat and consume products that are natural and not processed.  You will not find any synthetic particle board furniture or synthetic rugs in our house.  All our paints are no VOC paints from Olympic.    We spend way too much on paint samples.  I swear it’s the synthetic light in the stores- not us!

My husband and I completely renovated his last condo.  It was in a two family house.  We put in a new kitchen, new walls, new bathroom, new deck and hired a contractor to refinish the floors.  After all of this work, we did look for a house that was move in ready since our commute is now an hour plus each way.  We don’t have the time or the motivation to tackle the big projects anymore.  Plus we traded in the truck for a 4Runner so we can’t haul sheet rock like we used to.  It’s the smaller projects that give me the most satisfaction anyways.  Like this cushion I made for the bench.

I have a full time job as an engineer.  Traffic engineer to be more precise.  I studed at UMass Amherst and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.

We both play the guitar although I admit I haven’t picked it up once since we moved.  Our second finished room in the basement has about six guitars .  This room is sort of a big walk in closet at the moment. We should really play them more.   We tend to want to play late and night and in the City we couldn’t do that without bothering neighbors so we stopped playing.  This is a promise to myself to try again. 

We both surf.  Nantasket is our current spot.  I really only like to surf on beach breaks but have braved the waves in Hawaii and Mexico.  I like to run.  I do this to clear to my head and stay healthy.   I have no drive to compete or ever run a marathon   Being healthy is more important.

My husband hates his photo being taken.   And he does not want his photo on the blog so you won’t see much of him.  I will share with you his cooking from time to time.  Check out these pancakes he made.  His presentation is almost as good as the food iteself!

I’d love to hear more about the readers out there.  The blog stats have been increasing lately so tell me who you are and what do you want to see?  Have a great weekend!

One thought on “A little more about me

  1. Heather says:

    I love this post! I love all of your posts but I love that this one is more personal. Your projects inspire me!!! Let’s hang out soon.


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