Sunday in the yard

Yesterday was one of those days where we got up, had a cup a coffee, threw on sweatshirts and headed outside.  I always laugh at myself when it ends up being 4 PM and I’m still wearing my pj’s under my sweatshirt and haven’t showered.  It’s not like I got up and said, hmmm.. I’m going to poke around the yard all day.  It’s the sort of thing that just happens.

My husband was busy in the yard (I’m not sure what he was doing) but I grabbed a rake and headed out to the street. Outside of our stone wall was a thick pile of leaves.  I started raking and quickly learned that this job was a big one. The leaves were heavy with water and decay.   Luckily my husband joined in on the fun  action which helped immensely.  By noon I had a blister and was slowing down.

The result is a dirt strip adjacent to the street now.  One of the neighbors stopped to say hi and commented “it looks great!”  But his yard is so much nicer.  I think he was just being polite.

After a break for lunch of grilled cheese on the deck, I still couldn’t bring myself to spend the sunny afternoon inside cleaning.  Besides I was pooped from raking and deserved a break, right?  My husband took to weeding the garden and I grabbed a bucket and the cape cod weeder and pulled dandelions from the lawn.  I filled a whole bucket! So much for a break.

Now I was officially exhausted and laid out on the deck with the cat to stretch out my back a bit.  Then I said to my husband, “Hey, do you want to go to Lowe’s??”  I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth…

We spent about an hour at Lowe’s.  I got some grass seed to plant the dirt strip along the road (I was outside until sunset last night spreading seed and watering with a watering can).  We found a fridge!!! Finally!!  Picked out some tile samples for the front hall.  And started to ponder stain colors for the outside of the house.  Who knew Cabot stain comes in 20 shades of grey…

I hope everyone had a good weekend and got to enjoy some sunshine like us!

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