A beginners guide to “farming”

My husband has been working in the yard.  A LOT.   He is super enthusiastic when it comes to the vegetable garden.  I even caught him referring to his yard work as “farming” this week!

Look at our pumpkins – and it’s only May!

Just kidding…but you knew that.   I took that shot at Disney World.

Since this is our first spring in the new house the garden experiment will begin again.  We have high hopes for this season but I am somewhat skeptical that the garden will survive with all the wildlife around to eat it.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t try.  Together with Mishu (the curious cat) I know we’ll keep a close eye on that garden.  The raised bed structure itself looks a little sad.  I think we’ll be reconstructing it at some point… add it to the list!

We started brussel sprouts as seeds indoors.  The first batch already failed after we planted them outside and a heavy rain storm took them out.  But, we started some more.

Crops this year include:

  • edamame (our favorite)
  • brussel sprouts
  • peas
  • peppers
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkins
  • lettuce – in pots (I’m hoping the deer aren’t brave enough to go on the deck)
  • potatoes – in a sack
  • tomatoes – upside down in the hanging planters

The lettuce on the deck seems to be doing well.  We’ll have to thin it soon but for now it’s surviving.  The arugula pot is just starting to pop.  I’ve heard arugula is tricky.

Our garden is mostly organic. I say mostly, because we are recycling the soil that was already there. The seeds we buy are organic.  Howard special orders a lot of them.  All of our yard fertilizers and lawn treatments are organic and green. No chemicals used (yet… can’t promise it won’t happen but we’ll try not to).

Recently I was doing some  online research for ohsheglows about gardening and found all sorts of helpful gardening references at www.almanac.com/gardening  This site even allowed me to enter our zip code to find out when to plant everything!  Yippee… life made easier.

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