Spring in the Porch

The new furniture is in!  Check it out.  After months (ok almost a year!) of shopping for patio furniture we finally decided to make a purchase. See what the room looked like before here.

What took us so long?  Well, the space is sooo tiny.  All of the patio furniture that is sold as a set was too much furniture for the space.  And every piece that is sold separately ends up being more money than the whole set.  We knew we wanted teak or another kind of wood.  Wood brings in visual warmth. I love the dimensions of these chairs so I took a leap of faith and bought them at hayneedle.  I had never bought anything from there and knew I would be stuck with these or have to figure out a way to return them.  But we are happy with them… almost.  The cushions are a little firm.  I’ve done some dancing on them and I think they are getting softer already.  I changed the set up so it’s a chat area rather than facing into the room and looking at the shoes that usually pile up.  Howard and I have already relaxed with a glass of wine out there.  This set up feels more intimate and actually makes the room feel a little bigger. 

I swiped the throw pillows from the living room for these chairs.  So far I’ve spent more time on these chairs than in the living room so it made sense.  I also ordered a teak end table that will function as a coffee table.  That was another fiasco because it was on sale at Macy’s but they wanted $84 to ship it and that would have made it cost more than the regular price with free shipping.  I stalked it but finally caved after failing to find a coupon code that would work. Coupon code failure is not something I’m familiar with… I feel defeated but at least I can put up my feet now!

On the other side of the room is my Crate and Barrel bench with the custom pillow cover I made.  I found the three pack of pillows at Home Goods down in Florida with my mom. She was great to drive them home for me since they weren’t going to fit in my suitcase. 

I’m looking forward to many relaxing evenings in this room.  It is still my favorite room in the house!

3 thoughts on “Spring in the Porch

  1. Carole says:

    oh, so cute! I love the way the chairs are facing each other, too, great idea. I’ll have to check out the source for your chairs, I’ve never heard of that shop before.


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