The new refrigerator

Well, finally… (sigh of relief).. we have a new fridge!  I happened to stumble on this new arrival at Lowe’s while my husband was shopping.  We purchased a Whirlpool Gold model with a bottom freezer.  It is rated number one at Consumer Reports in its class.

It was very frustrating to have to find a fridge that met specific dimensions rather than finding a fridge that we love.  We were constrained by a height dimension of 68.5″ and a width of 35.5″ if we were willing to modify the wall. The manufacturer’s dimensions are actually a little higher than what the fridge actually is.  Lesson learned:  always measure yourself if you can!  If we hadn’t seen this in the store and measured for ourselves we would have ruled it out because of the dimensions on the specification sheet.  Ultimately we had to sacrifice the water filter.  And we couldn’t go with counter-depth model or we would need a really small refrigerator for the space that would look awkward with a large gap the whole way around.   The best news is that it fit right in without having to modify the wall!

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was how much quieter it is compared to our last refrigerator.  That is great since we spend most of our time between the kitchen and the adjoined family room.   Finding this model was definitely worth the wait.   Now I’m wondering if I need to upgrade the light fixture.  Oh wait – I hear my husband groaning.  I think we’ll live with the existing one for a little bit longer!

5 thoughts on “The new refrigerator

  1. carole says:

    ooh, shiny new appliance! I’d love a new fridge, too–imagine having only 32″ to work with (that’s after removing floor trim) and wanting a water filter. The sad thing is, there *is* more space, they just hung the cabinets too close to the wall. Gr!

    So, we got a Cuisinart CleanWater countertop water filter. It’s not perfect (sometimes it leaks and it gets mixed reviews about how long it will last), but I am happy with it for now.


    • designingmainstreet says:

      Hi Carole – I’ll have to check out that cleanwater device. We are using a britta pitcher since we had to give up the water filter too because of the dimensions. I love having a large top fridge though. Much better than a side by side! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for putting up the photos and your review. we had a small space to work with and did not want another side by side..this fits great


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