Planning the planters

Howard and I went to the local store this past weekend to pick up some landscaping supplies and it was so tempting to buy some new flowers for the planters.  When it comes to flowers I don’t really know what grows well together and was afraid I’d end up with a planters full of dull looking plants if I just bought what looks nice without a plan.  We agreed that I need to do a little research before we make a purchase.   So I googled “sea grass” because I think something tall would look nice and we can can add it to the landscaping after the season to enjoy next year.  I quickly learned that the tall grass is called “decorative grass.”  Duh..

New google search: “decorative grass in planters.”

Coleus Connection

This one is getting closer.  But talk about explosion of plants!  I think this might be a little too much for the patio.

I think this mix of flowers and grass will be perfect.  Thanks to we also have a list of what to buy.

Recipe For A 24 Inch Planter:

  • One gallon container of Silver Fountain Grass                                          Perennial
  • One 4 inch ‘Cranberry Ice’ Dianthus                                                             Perennial
  • One 4 inch ‘Desert Raspberry Swirl’ Dianthus                                           Perennial
  • Three 4 inch Yellow Argyranthemums                                                          Annual
  • Three ‘starter’ Dusty Miller Plants                                                                 Perennial

I love it!

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