Who is that doggy in the window..!

I’ve embarked on an exciting new project at my friend Theresa’s house which includes designing for the dogs!  How fun?!  My first dog project includes keeping a prime window spot for Madison and Brody.

This is Brody

Theresa’s house has a beautiful picture window that looks out to the street.  Of course the pups love it here!

The design dilemma is whether to replace the couch, get some chairs, or do something entirely different.  And the goal is to keep the budget small because the master plan is do something more with the room and this is just an interim fix.   I started by going to my favorite furniture store’s website and to do a sketch of the room as it is today.

This is always the first step I take with a room.  Then I take all the furniture out of the room and put it back in different ways to see how the room feels.   The anchor of this room is definitely their larger couch which backs to a stairwell behind it.  The layout works but the couch doesn’t work for them.  The couch does work for the dogs and they love their nesting place on the window sill.

As someone who doesn’t have dogs I’m not sure I completely understand the dogs’ needs but I’m trying to learn.  I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve but you’ll have to stay tuned for the details…  as always, the client comes first and when she’s happy I’ll be sure to share the results with everyone!

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