The starfish obsession continues

Our front door got a summery accessory this morning which I made last night in about 10 minutes.  All you need are some starfish and string!

It all began last week when I was on the phone with my mom and she said, “I have to run. We are going to Christmas Tree Shop.  Do you want anything?”  Um… yes please!  more starfish!!  To create this project all you need is some starfish (mine are fake starfish to be more specific), string, and scissors.

To begin, I created a loop with four long strings hanging below a knot.  At first I tried hanging the starfish using an x-list pattern around the middle but they didn’t hang straight.

On my second try, I wrapped the string around one of the starfish arms and tied a knot in the back. Then I continued to wrap the string around until the desired length was achieved and finished it with another knot.

For the final product  I only used four starfish.  I have two remaining for yet another starfish project! And then I promise I’m done with the starfish!!

If you want to see the slate house sign check it out here.

27 thoughts on “The starfish obsession continues

  1. Mimi says:

    I love the starfish by your door. Starfish are one of my favorite things! We have a fairly new Christmas Shop here and I have only been once. Now I need to check it out again! Thanks for sharing!


  2. poindextr says:

    lovely accent for your front door – with the shake shingles on your home exterior, looks like your house belongs near the seaside, reminds me of Cape Cod or the Vineyard. Very pretty 🙂 Also, glad to hear you used synthetic starfish, yay!


  3. Julia @ 551 East Design says:

    I love the star fish but I have to admit I have a secret fear of them. My husband grew up by tide pools and when we go to his house he always tries to get me to touch a live one but I just can’t do it. I like them much better the way you have them:)


  4. Jessa says:

    This is so cute! I’ve had this plan to do a garland of starfish to hang over the curtain rod in my guest bedroom but I can’t find the right kind! I’ve been looking for smaller ones like these and it seems like they’re carried…no where. Maybe its high time I walk into the Christmas section of hobby lobby! Thanks so much for the tips!



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