The lawnmower is busted

The lawnmower has been in the shop for about 2 weeks now.  But that hasn’t stopped us from finding other fun  ways to spend time out in the yard!  The forecast called for a rainy weekend so I was excited to work on some projects inside and finish painting the trim in the family room that we’ve put off. Howard had another idea.  After a few yard sales on Saturday morning he decided to cut down “a few” trees.

Well a few turned into about six or ten.  I’m not really sure how many but after lunch he said, “I could really use your help outside if you aren’t busy…”  Seeing as the house was already scrubbed from top and bottom I agreed to go outside and help him because the sun was strong and it was nice to be outside.  I got outside to find the driveway blocked and so I knew there was no escape unless I pitched in.

After a change of clothes I headed outside only to be made of to be dressed in all blue with my boots on.  Those boots have saved me from getting poison ivy so far so I’m going to wear them.   He continued to poke fun at me, “This is when a new neighbor will come over to say hello.”  He was wrong. We didn’t meet any new neighbors on Saturday.  One of them did come over on Sunday to inquire about our lawn though.  How embarrassing?!  He suspected the lawn mower was broken.  How could we be outside all day and not mow the lawn?  I got the last laugh when I learned that Howard had been outside in his pajamas when the neighbor came to visit.  Now how do the blue boots look?!!

Hopefully the lawn mower will be fixed this week and we Howard can mow the lawn soon!  In the meantime the neighbors have one more wood pile to look at.

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