Painting and more painting

We are still finishing up the living room paint project.   There once was a time, (at our last house) when we wouldn’t quit working until midnight.  Since our new house is much more laid back it begs for us to quit at the first signs of hunger or when the sun starts to go down.  I think the lack of overhead lighting probably contributes to this since we can’t see what we are doing after the natural light fades. And I admit that we are getting lazier in our old age….

To make things interesting we picked up the much acclaimed  ‘frog tape’ seen here in green.

And how does it compare?  It costs a little more than the blue 3M tape and I think it might be worth it for the walls.  It’s very sticky but comes off easier.  And it feels thicker.  On the windows I don’t think it makes much of a difference though.  I’ve heard claims that the frog tape doesn’t seep but we haven’t tested it with any dark colors to really prove or disprove this. And we went very light with the paint on the windows because they were painted closed when we bought the house and we don’t want that happening again.

I can’t wait until the windows are back together.  Here are the frames.  What a pain?! We thought about tossing these window grilles altogether but they are a must at a cape house.  It’s too bad they are always breaking – see the lonely fellow on the cardboard to the right?  The porch has looked like this for three days now and probably will until the weekend… ugh.

I’m having some of the ladies over for brunch on Sunday so that will be motivation to get things cleaned up by then!

By the way peeps – I’m trying to get facebook to approve my page for public viewing.  So please click the facebook link to follow! Thanks!!

2 thoughts on “Painting and more painting

  1. Chris Kerschner says:

    The windows are looking good. Please do a follow up if you get to use the frog tape on the walls for painting. I’m willing to pay a little more if I don’t have to do touch up from paint seeping under the tape.

    One project I’m dreading is having to repaint my windows too. The previous owner put on too much paint and caused some of the blind inserts between the glass to stick.


    • designingmainstreet says:

      Hi Chris Painting windows is awful… and we have two more bedrooms to go and a living room with green trim.. My husband said that the frog tape comes off easier but otherwise he didn’t really notice a difference. Thanks for stopping by!!


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