We have the best neighbors ever

It’s been raining all week.  The lawn looks like a jungle.  The lawnmower is broken.  And it’s tick season.  Yuck.   After our neighbor Ken visited on Sunday to inquire about our growing lawn he said he’d try to mow it this week if he had time.  On the drive home in the rain Howard commented with a laugh, “How’d the mowing go Ken?” As if he’d would mow the lawn in the rain!

Well ta-da!  Ken did mow for us in the rain!  Either the lawn was really bugging him or he’s just a nice guy.  I’m going with the latter. What a great neighbor?! 

Because the grass got so long and because it’s been raining all week I swear the lawn looks neon green.  So cool! 

The funny thing is that the shop called earlier and said the mower is fixed.  It figures, right?!  Poor Ken. We can’t thank him enough! This gives us more time to finish up the painting before Sunday!

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