Summer Pillows

I’m craving some summer weather.  It’s been rainy, dreary and grey in Boston all week.  People are saying it feels more like March outside than May. We are afraid to look at the garden.  The lettuce and peas are doing well but the rest is probably washed away by now.  We are ready for summer. Period.  And I’m ready to do a little sprucing up indoors to get ready for summer.  We would like to buy new furniture but will make do with what we have for a little longer.  We are quickly learning that the house is three times bigger than we need.  We only spend time in the family room and kitchen.   The two other dining areas, formal living room and finished basement aren’t getting any use.  And they are looking a little sad…they need some love (as does the office which is a complete blank canvas right now).  In my opinion,  the best way to add some love is with accessories!  I’ve been drooling over the new nautical pillows that are popping up everywhere. 

Pottery Barn

West Elm

Thomas Paul Baleen

I’m slightly tempted to try to create my own with some fabric. That would be fun, right?  Then I remember how I have no patience and I only love the idea of sewing.  I still might have to take a trip to the fabric store…. just for fun.

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