New Planters

We started to get a glimpse of the sunny weather we’ve been craving in New England on Saturday.  I was supposed to be getting ready for the ladies brunch but decided that scrubbing the deck and getting some dirt on my hands was a much better way to spend the day. There is no way I can resist a 70 degree day with sunny blue skies! And now that today’s forecast is rain with a high of 58 degrees I’m so glad I did enjoy the sun while it was here.

Remember my grand idea for the new planter here?  Well we quickly learned that not all of  these plants were available at our local garden center and the ones that were cost $5 a piece.  That doesn’t sound too bad but when the plan called for three of each plant and we had multiple planters the cost quickly multiplied.

 We decided on the following for the two planters:

  • Velvet Rainbow Coleus
  • Dracaena Spikes (Decorative Grass)
  • White Lobelia
  • Purple Salvia

For the window boxes we picked a variety of colorful flowers including the following:

  • Verbena
  • Lobelia (Laguna Sky Blue)
  • Snapdragon (Little Darling)

My favorite part of the day might have been when Howard set up a gardening station for me (awww..) using some scrap wood and saw horses.  He then dumped all the existing planter dirt into the wheel barrel to mix up and reuse.  This was a great way to save even more by not having to buy new potting soil.

And now for the finished product:

The results are definitely not as grand as I had originally pictured.  However, these planters allow some room to grow and will hopefully be a fantastic explosion of color for the summer months!  The best part was we knocked the cost from $100 or more with the original plan to $36 and change after a coupon.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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