A sneak peek at our next project

Howard and I will be embarking on a “staycation” next week.  Hooray!  We haven’t had a real vacation since we bought the house and honestly, we couldn’t think of a better place to be for a week!  Ok, maybe laying on the beach somewhere would be more glamorous but we are in such dire need of a vacation that even staying home for a week sounds fabulous!

When we started to plan the staycation it was all about getting the first bathroom renovation done.  But since we haven’t even figured out what we want to do in there, we’ve pulled together a list of a million other ‘fun’ things we can do during the week.  Number 1 on the list is finishing the front hallway.  To date we’ve only replaced the light fixture.

Needs some love..

The tile that was installed in the hallway is pretty rugged for the house.  The wide joints are driving my husband crazy.  Some of the grout had started to crack and so Howard tried to do a quick fix last fall.  The quick fix didn’t quite match and made the tile job more of an eyesore. 

We went to Lowes and a bought a few samples already.  And don’t they all look similiar?!  The only difference is the price. And one is too big so that one is automatically out of the mix.

I’ve had this grand idea of creating a photo wall on the big blank wall so that is on the list also.  We already stopped at Ikea for some sample frames.  They had a million frames but surprisingly not a lot of choices. 

I picked the Ribba frame in three colors to sample:  the white, black and natural birch. 

I like the lighter colors but my mom and Howard both voted on the black.  I’m still unsure.. but hey, I have next week to figure it out.

So in a nutshell that is a sneak peak at project number 1 for staycation week.  The rest of the tasks are pretty minor with the exception of staining the house and painting the trim.  It has to stop raining so the house can dry before we can even consider moving ahead with that project.  More on project later.

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