Tile Project – Part I. Getting down and dirty.

We started ripping up the hall tile a couple of days ago.  There is something unrewarding about working hard only to see results at the day that look worse than when you started.  I guess that’s called progress.  For instance,  we started out the day with an OK floor that was at least functional.  We ended the day with a dusty floor that has towels on it so we can get to the stairs through the living room.

Here is the before picture of the hallway.  We weren’t happy with the wide grout and rustic look of the tiles.   I could have lived with them longer but Howard wanted them gone.  On a side note, every time I bring out the camera to take some photos of the house Mishu comes running.  I’m starting to think she wants to be a supermodel cat.  Maybe she thinks she can then eat food all day on set.



Getting the first couple of tiles up was the hardest part.  Howard took the first shift in ripping things up.  My job was to supervise and stack the tiles.

When Howard walked away for a break I  jumped in and made some decent progress.  I’ll call this the second shift.  It was probably the shortest shift but I feel it in my right bicep and lower back nonetheless.  You can tell it really is staycation week – check out that hair and outfit I’m sporting… yikes.

Then Howard jumped back in for the third shift.  Once all the tiles were up the next step was to start removing the thinset.  This step was something I was hoping we could skip but we need to remove all the thinset so there will be a level floor for the new tiles.  This is by far the dustiest and hardest part.  You can see the difference before scraping up the thinset and after to the left and right of the shop vac.

Howard picked up a new tool at Lowe’s yesterday.  This “tile scraper” should help the rest of the thinset come up today so we can start laying the tiles.  Check out the difference between the little hand scraper he was using and this new tool.  Strangely it looks like a couple other of tools in the garage including the landscape edger and the ice chipper.

Check back for Part II when we have some of the new tiles down.  That will be more rewarding and a whole lot prettier.

6 thoughts on “Tile Project – Part I. Getting down and dirty.

  1. Chris Kerschner says:

    Looks like you are making great progress. I am so not looking forward to ripping up the tile and cheap wood floors on the 1st floor of my house. I’ll have to get that heavy tile scraper. I you can rent an electric version of that similar to a rotary hammer.


    • Ellen says:

      Thanks for the tip! We looked into renting that tool you mentioned but I think it’s just for concrete floors. We have plywood under the tile. I’m happy to report the new tool is working well. You push with your foot instead of your upper body. Should be done soon!


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