Tile Project – Part 1B. The dust has settled.

Yesterday I took a much-needed day away from the house and visited my family on the Cape.  Like all home do-it-yourself projects, the tile project is taking longer than expected.  The hold up has been getting the last layer of thinset off the plywood floors.  I didn’t realize that the plywood floor had to be completely void of thinset before putting down the new tiles.

We are happy to report that the tile scraper was really easy to use.  Instead of having to scrape with your upper body you move the tool using your foot.

Oh, and don’t wear flip-flops or you’ll end up with very dusty feet!  My biggest problem with the tile project has been the amount of dust that has been generated.  I sealed off the dining room and living room at the bottom of the stairs.  That helped a little.  But not entirely.  I practically cried when I realized everything upstairs had a thin layer of grey dust all over.  My job has been running around the house and cleaning. And making sure my husband eats something. He’ll work all day on empty.

Today the dust has finally settled and I think it’s time to start laying out the tiles.  The floor is down to level plywood.

Now we have to make a decision – how wide do we want to grout?   The hallway is crying for three tiles across.  I like the narrow grout lines but if do that we’ll end up with thick grout on each sides of the hall against the wall.  Another option is to lay the tiles two across in the middle and do splits on the sides.  This option is more work because it means a cut in every row and it means laying four tiles instead of three across.  Decisions, decisions.

Our friend Stephen gave us a professional trick:  take off the molding or do a cut under it so there are no grout line at the walls.  That sounds like the most appealing way to go.  But again, it’s more work.  Stay tuned..

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