Before & After – The Home Office

Warning:   What you are about to see is really pathetic.   This is the before picture of our office.


When we moved, we stuck the desk in this room along with a cedar chest full of extra linens.  It’s been a year and we haven’t installed curtains or hung a single picture.  This room has come a long way from the pink room I showed you last week (here).   Like the other two bedrooms, we painted this room in Olympic’s Almond Paste as a quick fix to get rid of the pink.

I decided an easy idea to make the room a little warmer was to install some curtains and add a chair.  I also felt like this might be a good spot for the guitars.  The guitars have been in the basement since we’ve moved.  I thought once we had a house we would play them more but I guess if they are out of sight they are out of mind.

Below is the online layout I made.  The funny little projector symbols next to the desk are my way of showing the guitar stands.

While the idea of making curtains sounded fun (for like two minutes), I knew I’d hate myself for taking on yet another project during staycation week.  We ended up buying some new curtains in a fun green and hanging them with some hardware we already had in the basement from our last house.  We also hung up the adorable mirrors that my mother-in-law painted.

I then swiped the Mishu’s chair from the family room since it’s not living up to my standards.  This chair is armless so it’s perfect for playing guitar. We also bought a much needed floor lamp for the corner and added some additional artwork that we had never hung after the move.

I’m starting to feel like this is a space we will really use now.  It’s much warmer and inviting.




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