Sprucing up the front door

One of the first things Howard wanted to do when we bought the house was cut down the trees in the front.  They blocked the light from inside the house and were just too big.

Since the trees blocked the windows my window starfish can’t be seen – oh no!

Howard cut these trees down in no time using his chainsaw! Doesn’t it look so much better?  The starfish are definitely more noticeable now.  With the two trees are gone we aren’t sure what to do with the landscaping in front.  We are giving the two bushes a chance to fill in.  I really like that they have some red to them and match the front door.  The bush on the right side is much smaller so we’ll keep trimming the one on the left to see if they will even out by the fall.  If it doesn’t we might be able to snag some end of the season shrubs on sale at the local garden store.

P.S. An update on the tile project is coming soon!

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