Goodbye rotting wood

One of the projects that Howard, with the help of our friend Stephen, worked on over staycation week was replacing some of the rotten exterior trim and fixing some of the gutters.  Last fall I prepped some sills for the winter with some wood hardener but a couple of them were beyond help.  The worst sill was this one on the upper window of our garage.  When our friend Stephen went up on a ladder to see the condition of this sill he was able to rip it right off the house.

Yikes.  This was not a good thing. 

When they guys investigated the situation a little closer during the week they learned that this whole window was close to failure.  It was a replacement window that had not been replaced correctly.  So the window needed to come out again.  Things were repaired and now we have our window back.

They replaced two other sills including this one below.  This decorative door doesn’t open and the sill wasn’t pitched to allow water to run off.  As a result the bottom sill was completely rotten. 

Meanwhile, I was busy lounging around here.  I took the time to do a few odds and ends around the house and run some errands too.  But for the most part I just tried to stay out of the way. 

Once Stephen and Howard were done with their construction work, we replaced some of the shingles that needed to be replaced before we begin staining the house.  My job was to pick out the right size shingles to hand Howard and the nails.  I took a stab at nailing some of the shingles  but I’m really not very good with a hammer and felt like I was beating up the house too much.

We are now officially ready to begin staining!  The Cabot stain samples we chose were:  Fieldstone, Cape Cod Gray, and Seacoast Gray.  I highly recommend buying stain samples from Cabot before investing in a whole gallon.  We could not find samples at the store.  For $14 we got two colors sent to us in advance and they arrived within a few days.  We are planning to use the Fieldstone color in a semi-solid.  Since we are going with a semi-solid some of the original color (Cabot Dark Grey) will show through.  Our approach is to go a shade lighter than the existing stain but not too light or the existing color variations of the house might still show.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for some dry weather so we can begin staining the house soon.  And hopefully cooler weather too.  It’s supposed to hit 100 today in Boston!

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