Photo Project

Since the hall tile project is almost complete,  I’m getting ready to work on the photo project.  No, I haven’t forgotten to post about the hallway tiles.  I’m just waiting until everyone is dying in suspense!  Kidding…

I still haven’t decided which photo frames I want to use.  Remember the choices here?  Black, white, or birch.  I’ve been convinced that birch is out.  Which leaves us with black or white.  I keep going back to this photo wall by Young House Love.

Isn’t it beautiful? There are plenty others online that are also drool worthy in both black and white including:

See how hard the decision is? All these walls look great.  Maybe I can’t go wrong with either choice?   The wall can always be painted a darker color to make the frames contrast.  The wall is due for a fresh coat of paint anyways.  I thought it would be best to get the frame placement figured out first in case there is any rearranging and nail hole patching to do.

What do you think?  White or Black?  Or something entirely different?

2 thoughts on “Photo Project

  1. Renter's Paradise says:

    I definitely think white – just based on the prior pictures of your hallway, it looks like it’s not a huge space (like the second black frame picture) and I think the black frames might make it feel like it’s closing in instead of opening up. On the other hand, it’s right by the entrance, so maybe the black would feel more dramatic? I guess it just depends on what feel you want to go for!


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