Reusing the old tiles… in the garden?

It was a beautiful weekend this past weekend.  The weather was around 80 degrees and sunny.  Yesterday was a top 10 day in my book.  Without any real agenda for the day we sort of poked around the yard and ran some errands.  

I was out in the garden yesterday evening picking lettuce for dinner and making a dramatic scene by walking along the edges of our raised garden bed in my flip-flops.  I said to Howard, “Next year we should add a walkway down the middle of the garden so it’s easier to pick things.”  He responded that he had some wood but it was painted and that would be bad for the garden.  I agreed and then it dawned on me that we have a surplus of old tiles!!  Look at that pile on the front steps.

I jokingly added, “We could use the old tiles!”  Well Howard jumped on this silly idea.  I was thinking of a solid path down the middle of the garden but Howard had his own idea.

This stepping stone idea was probably inspired by our walks in the woods where they have filled the paths with stones to get through the low-lying areas. 

We know this looks absolutely ridiculous.  The first rain will likely make the tiles sink and they will be unusable.  Since the garden is not doing well this year it was easy to add the tiles without damaging any of the crops. 

We’ll have to come up with a better solution for next year.  Let me know if anyone has had an sucessful garden path results.  I’d love a way to make the garden walkable and charming at the same time!

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