Before & After: The Tile Floor

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Finally! The floor tiles are finished…err, well almost.  I’m always saying that, right?!  That’s how it goes most of the time with DIY home improvement projects.  There is always one more thing that needs to be done. If you missed the trilogy you can catch up on it here and here and here.

Mishu was so excited that I was taking indoor photos again that she ran to the forefront for a glamour shot too.

The grouting process was messy and stressful so I thought I’d skip this step altogether for the blog. I’d rather wipe this memory clean.

I didn’t think the new tile would look so different from when we started.  The tiles were almost the same color but the finish is so different.  Check out the before and after photos.





Goodbye thick grout lines!  Goodbye rustic edges!

We do have one final step left and that is to seal the grout.  I’ve heard that there is tinted sealer available and am going to look into that to try to lighten the grout color.  We went with the grout color recommended at Lowe’s and we both agree it’s darker than we expected.  Live and learn.

Have you ever used tinted grout sealer?  Let me know how it went.  Would you recommend it?

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