Friday Garden Update

It’s another rainy day in Boston.  I think that makes three in a row.  While I’d usually be pouting about this, it’s been helpful not to have to water the plants this week.  We’ve had a very busy social calendar and watering the garden at 10:30 PM at night is the last thing we’d want to do.  So the rain has been helpful and things are looking green.   At this time last  year I think we were already on a water ban so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll have a greener summer this year.  

Even the grass I planted along the street here is doing well.   Below are the before and after photos. 



And the pansies that were in the planters seem to be liking their new home and multiplying into a happy little family.

We also have a few new additions in the yard.  These include yellow coreopsis and bee balm (which hasn’t flowered yet).

I already shared the garden earlier this week.  It’s still looking a little sad.  We’ve spotted the chipmunk in the garden but we don’t know if he’s the little guy munching on our crops.  On the bright side, the upside down tomato plants are starting to flower with the promise of fresh tomatoes soon!

Remember bloggers, it’s show and tell Friday over at My Romantic Home

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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