Hallway Photo Wall

This weekend we took a trip to Jordans to look at new mattresses.  And since IKEA is next door we had to stop in for more photo frames for the photo wall. If you missed the last post on this topic, you can catch up here.   The result of the poll (thank you everyone that voted!) showed a strong preference to white frames. So we picked up six more white small frames and four large frames. The lines were so long that I almost dumped everything at the checkout and headed for the door. Shopping while hungry is always a bad idea for me but my husband grabbed a bar of hazelnut chocolate at the checkout and that helped us survive the wait.

On Sunday morning, after I started my second cup of coffee, I cut catalog scraps the size of the frames (thanks YHL for the tip!).  I then played with the  layout on the wall using scotch tape.  It took three tries to get it right.  So far, so good.

My husband then surprised me with the hooks he ordered on amazon.com for my project.  I love that the package says “no more ouch!” As if that is really a problem when nailing things into the wall!

I’m glad I stopped to hang the first frame after the first nail hole because I quickly learned that the Ikea frames would fall off the hooks.  The frames have nothing to catch the nail.  Grrr.  You get what you pay for.  Then the brilliant idea of using a staple gun to give the frame something to catch on hit me.  I put a couple staples in the frame….

 …and the frame still didn’t catch on the nail or the hook.   Repeat:  Grrr.  I huffed back to the kitchen pantry and pulled out my toolkit of miscellaneous household items and found some hooks.  I’m calling these “shark jaws!”  These hooks seemed to work when combined with a regular nail which allowed the nail head to catch on the jaws.

Since I only had two of the shark jaw hooks we had to head back to Lowe’s.  I picked up two packs of jaws and a pack of regular nails.  It always amazes me how a quick project always turns into something much more.  Now I was ready to finish the wall.  I used a few of the photos we had in other frames that never found a home in the new  house.   I love that this wall still allows us some room to grow.

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