My two new best friends

I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree.  This week included buying two new accent chairs.  I feel like all I ever buy for the house is either a new rug or new chair.  We now have quite an assortment of chairs. 

The blue one was found at HomeGoods and I just thought it was adorable.   The ivory one was found at Jordan’s Furniture and since it is the softest fabric and has such a cool look with exposed wooden legs and rivets I had to have it!

Mishu is also fighting me for rights to these two chairs.  Remember I already gave her a chair?  Well apparently she has a thing for chairs too and has tried scratching them and has napped in both of them!  Crazy cat.

Anyways, the family room was quite a site over the weekend.  Because, in addition to the chairs and rug and art (oh, did I fail to mention those splurges too?), I also got some new throw pillows.  It’s hard deciding which go where so for one day they were all piled together in a colorful disaster!

And I brought in the polka-dot chair just to overwhelm my designing senses. Boy am I lucky the neighbors didn’t stop by! 

Since the family room still has the darker oriental rug in it, I can easily rule out the teal pillow and the blue chair…and the dot chair.  The blue chair has  been visiting some of the other rooms in the house but it hasn’t made it to its new home yet.

You’ll have to check back to see its final home.  I’m only 75 percent sure of where it will go myself.   I’ll also update the house photo section when everything has a new home.

3 thoughts on “My two new best friends

  1. Renter's Paradise says:

    That HomeGoods chair is so cute! We have a HomeGoods right by our apartment but I haven’t stopped by yet – I may have to do that sometime soon.


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