New Garden Plants

We stopped by one of the local garden stores on Monday since we needed a break from the yard work and the hot sun. This adventure only added to our list of yard work of course.  But after a stop at Dairy Queen (small vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles please!), I was recharged and ready to supervise some gardening with my camera in hand!

We picked out a few new perennials.  The goal was to find some new plants that will do well in the shade.

We want to  fill in this landscaped area of the driveway which is looking a little sad now that the daffodils have died.  This is a  shaded area with the exception of some late afternoon sun.  It is also an area that is far from the house and the garden hose so we don’t want to have to bother with routinely watering any plants here.

I picked out a plume flower plant that has lots of green leaves and claims flowers through mid-summer.

We also picked out purple fountain grass to be statements on both sides of the driveway when you turn off the street.  These grasses should grow to be about 3-feet in height.

We planted a second lavender plant on the side of the house in the full sun.  The first plant was transplanted from a pot on the porch too late last season so it didn’t survive the winter.  We have our fingers crossed that this one will do better.

Howard picked out an echinacea plant to add next to the bee balm plant.  When he dug a hole for this one we found a giant rock.  I would have found a new home for the plant but Howard had to conquer that rock and decided to dig it up anyways.

And here is the echinacea plant in its new home.  It looks ready to flower soon.  I have no idea what the flowers will look like but it looks like it will be very pretty.

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