More HomeGoods Finds

Last week I shared with you the chair I found at HomeGoods here but didn’t show you the photo I found.  They had a couple of these prints stashed in the back of the store. You can’t tell by the photo but these are BIG.  The frame is a weathered wood and it looks oh-so-beach-y. I immediately snapped a photo on my phone to send to Howard asking what he thought.  He replied “whatever you want..”  I love it when he says that!

At this point my car was quite full with the chair and throw pillows but I squeezed in the photo.  When I got it home I realized how amazingly big the frame is.  I can see it in a beach house over some white fluffy couches.  But, where should it go in our house?  Every room has low ceilings and everywhere I turned there is molding, a window, or a fireplace in the way.

We toyed with the idea of putting in the guest room and the dining room over the weekend.  I really wanted it somewhere we would see it though.  When do I ever spend time in the guest room?  And the dining room has only been used once this year when I had the ladies over. I decided it was best over the brown couch in the living room. The painting we had hanging there was something from my days in a city apartment.  The painting was colorful but slightly smaller. The windows and lighting in the room make it near impossible to get a photograph without light reflecting… but here is the before shot.

And here is the after shot without using any flash and a lot of light in the room.  The colors look a little crazy but at least you can see the photograph.

The throw pillows that found a new home on our porch here have been replaced with new ones that have more texture and color (also found at HomeGoods).   I like how the texture in the thick wool rug work with the pillows.

You’ll have to check back to see where that HomeGoods chair that was also featured over at Young House Love ended up. Now you know it didn’t stay in the living room.

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