Seven Yards of Mulch

I am exhausted and so glad it’s Monday!  After a long weekend in the yard it’s good to have all of the hard work behind us. Our mulch delivery arrived around noon on Saturday.  The owner joked, “You’ve got your work cut out for you!” after I cautiously asked, “Is the whole truck for us?!”  Uh, yup.  One truck full of hot steamy organic dark mulch. 

I was all smiles as I finished my iced tea on the deck. This is definitely a ‘before’ shot.

The dark organic mulch is a serious change from the red mulch that was in the yard.  Do you know they add dyes to the mulch to make it red?  This is not good for our garden or our water supply.

We moved the mulch one wheelbarrow at a time.  I actually used a backpacking snow shovel for my work since it was aluminum and so much lighter than the real shovels.  Below are some of the results from this two day project. My husband used his propane flamer to kill what was rest of the weeds poking through the mulch.  This thing is awesome. 

You can see how the edger we bought (here) made a difference by making a solid line between the mulch and the grass.

Some more shots..

And more… I actually took 242 photos this weekend…

Two more… and you’ll get to see my favorite shot. 

And here is Mishu watching all the action from her confines of the deck.  She’s not allowed to step off the deck so she is always testing me with her antics.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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