The Final Chapter – Tile Floor

We spent the weekend finishing the tile floor with a tinted sealer.  I have my mom to thank for telling us about this product (big thanks Mom!).  After selecting the wrong grout color because of some inaccurate signage at the store we were left with dark grey grout and we weren’t happy with the results. If you missed the saga you can catch up on it here here here and here. It was an exhausting project no doubt.

Here is where we last left off.

After - Take 1

Howard found the tinted sealer at Home Depot and purchased it in antique white. It’s called Polyblend Grout Renew. The product comes in a rainbow of colors but only a limited selection was available in store so we went with the antique white color. And what a difference?!

To apply the product you use a toothbrush (per the instructions) and paint on the sealer. Then you use a damp paper towel to wipe off any extra.

In total it took us two and a half hours to seal the floor. If you do this I would recommend either doing it in small stages or having company because it is a very long process. And make sure to have tons of paper towels on hand.

The results were like night and day. Howard sounded like a broken record when he kept repeating “This is what I wanted to the floor to look like!” We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I really thought we were stuck with that dark grout forever.

For the last time (promise!) here are the before, progress, and after shots. We are now done with tiles – check!




7 thoughts on “The Final Chapter – Tile Floor

    • designing main street says:

      We are very happy with the grout renew! I noticed that the grey is faintly visible if you were to closely inspect the floor but nothing another coat of grout renew couldn’t cover up. Overall it’s a 5 star product! I’m thinking about using it the bathroom next just to update the floor.


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