Pottery Barn inspired Starfish Baskets

Earlier this summer I saw some cute baskets with starfish in a Pottery Barn catalog.  I knew I had to recreate this look in our living room.  We already have two sea grass baskets on the bottom of the bookshelf.  They are functional but nothing special.

I found my last two starfish, some string and scissors. Those are the only items I needed for this project.

The first step was to loop the string around the basket handle and fasten it to the starfish.  I find it’s helpful to check if any of the legs are irregular and lumpy.  Using a lumpy leg helps the string to catch.

Then I used the remaining string and wrapped it around the starfish leg several times using the double length of string. The last step was to tie the string in the back and trim the ends.

The result is a version of Pottery Barn’s basket for the price of two starfish.

Have you done any DIY projects that look like Pottery Barn? How about other stores?  Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

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