The first coat of stain

Last Sunday I took a day off from house chores and went to the Cape to spend a day on the beach.  My husband was invited to join me but decided he’d rather spend the day starting to stain the house.  We had already picked out the color Fieldstone by Cabot earlier this spring here.  I returned home to find him still outside, looking rather grey (both in spirit and color)!  He had spent the majority of the day up on a ladder staining the side of the garage.  As the sun began to set it was hard to tell what had been stained and what hadn’t been in the late day sun. 

We got our wish and found a stain that pretty much matched the color that the dark grey stain had weathered to. The only problem was that my husband found the results to be a little unsatisfying.  I can’t blame him for spending a hard day at work only to make things look the same!  But does it look the same?



I took a few new camera shots and scavenged the computer files to find some similar old shots.  In  my rush to start my day on the beach I hadn’t taken any new shots.  A side to side comparison definitely shows the change!  The best part is that the woodpecker streamers have been removed.  The woodpeckers have been around but to our knowledge have left the house alone this year.



Howard also took some time to paint the weathervane base which was starting to rust but I missed it in the photos.  I’ll try to get it next time.  Keep checking back for more before and after shots as we stain the house and paint the trim! I have a feeling we’ll be working on this project for a while.

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