Slate house sign

We have a new addition to our front door (and no, it’s not more starfish.  But if you like the starfish, you can find them here)!  This weekend I made a new house sign out of some slate we had on hand.  Most people visit our house via the back door on the deck.  (It’s probably the welcoming planters – see ’em here).  Since our driveway is off of a side street I’m guessing people are confused once in a while.  I know FedEx is confused – they leave packages at the front door which is never used.  Last holiday season there was a package out there for a week until I started wondering where my order was and finally found it out in the rain. I had three pieces of slate for another indoor project that included keeping the cat out of the plants, but when I laid the pieces out on the lawn with the intent to smash them my heart couldn’t do it. Howard caught me staring at the pieces and commented, “What are you doing? Getting ready to spray paint some starfish?”  And he almost read my mind..

After measuring the selected piece of slate, I went online to finding some stencil templates.  I then pulled each of the letters and numbers into a Word document using the margins to help guide me with the dimensions I wanted.

I spent about 5 minutes trimming the numbers out of the printed  paper when it dawned on me – a piece of paper isn’t going to hold up to spray paint. The paint would likely seep through the edges.

I ran back inside and reprinted the image on half a folder which was a little sturdier.  Had this project been thought out in advance I may tried to find something impermeable like a piece of mylar.  I also would have purchased a hobby knife to make the cutting easier. The first spray paint trial on piece of scrap cardboard was a success.

I applied a little glue stick to the back of the stencil and placed it lightly on the slate.  Then I diligently taped the stencil on the piece of slate using painters tape.

I applied two thin layers of white spray paint to the slate and brought it inside to dry since the weather was extremely humid outside.  After about a half hour of drying time I took off the tape to reveal the finished product.  My impatience paid off because I think the paint would have glued the template to the slate if I hadn’t pried it off while it was still tacky.And here is the finished product.

This project was not only easy it was really fun.  But then again, anything that involves spray paint is fun in my book!  I’m loving the Cape Cod feel to the back porch now!

6 thoughts on “Slate house sign

  1. The Tall Chick says:

    Love it. So easy, but it really fits in with the exterior of your home.

    I’m stopping by from the YHL link up, but would also love for you to visit my blog! I’m a spray paint-aholic, too!


  2. Molly says:

    Fantastic idea! I’m going to have to try that. I LOVE your post about the starfish as well! I’m a new follower now, looking forward to more great ideas. I found you through the remodelaholic hop today.


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