Finding Buried Treasure

I went outside at 5 o’clock on Sunday to find this.

And then this.


On Howard’s to-do list has been jacking up the porch.  You see, the porch has settled in one corner leaving us with a door and windows that look like this:

I bet you wouldn’t have even noticed this if you came to our house.  But it’s been driving Howard nuts for some time.  One of the reasons is because when we closed on the house we said that the door had to be fixed.  And it was tweaked – but not fixed.

When Howard pulled up the decking this is what we found. How the heck do you jack the porch up?

Howard dug a hole in the dirt and used Jack’s jack seen here.  (Thanks Jack!) It matches the dirt so look closely. He then stuck in a couple of metal shims (Thanks again Jack) to raise the footing. He raised the corner of the porch about a quarter of an inch.  It doesn’t make the door and window heights completely level but it eliminates the sticking problem we were having.  I was afraid that if he jacked the corner too much we’d end up with a bigger problem – like another cracked tile floor project.

My job, other than to be nearby incase the porch fell and someone needed to call 911, was to sweep the decking clean at the end.  To my surprise I found an golden egg sitting there.  And it’s full of historic moldy candy?!  No wait, it has MONEY! Yippee! 

I popped open the egg to find the smelliest dollar bill I could imagine! The dollar was stuck together and starting to decompose.  Gross. 

I was very disappointed with my treasure.  But a dollar is all I deserved for my part in this project.  It’s still sitting out on the deck if anybody wants to come claim it…

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