Make way for some vintage ducks

This weekend we stopped by a moving sale down the street from us.  We visit yard sales a couple of times a month but we rarely find anything useful.  That is, until now.  When I saw these two brass ducks I immediately grabbed them off the table.  These little guys were only $2.  Score! They remind me of something I’d see in one of the older fancy homes on the Cape.  You know, the homes that have the custom drapes and upholstered couches that are usually a little out of date but still manage to look expensive?

Of course I had no plan as to where these ducks should go.  They are technically bookends but could really do double duty as door stops.  Since the mantel is still look rather pathetic in the family room I tried the ducks out there first.  Uh, nope.  That’s not going to do it. 

Then I tried them out on the dining room buffet where they picked up the gold in the antique Boston Harbor chart that is framed on the wall.

The bookshelf in the living room? 

They were looking pretty darn cute here but were a little too tall for the space.  

With a few failures and a maybe in mind the ducks returned to the dining room buffet.  They are currently holding up a couple of cookbooks. I can’t promise they will stay here but for now that’s their home. 

Have you ever found something useful at a yard sale?  How about something not very useful but you just had to have it?

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