And sometimes there are failures

I’m not afraid to say it.  Sometimes I am wrong.  Sometimes my great ideas fall flat. I can’t pretend like everything I do around the house is amazing.  Yeah, most of it is (wink wink) but a lot of it is classified as failure… err, I mean a learning experience.

For example, take the numbers that I so carefully cut out during the slate house number project here.

These took forever to cut out using the giant utility knife.

I cut them out oh-so-perfectly and thought they’d be able to go in the last blank frame on the photo wall.

I carefully glued each number to the back of an index card and pressed them down in a straight line.

Then I went to wipe off some glue… oh wait! that wasn’t glue.. and in a second my perfect number nine was perfect no more.

Out of pure frustration I still hung the numbers on the wall.  To my surprise, Howard immediately noticed this when he got home and gave a chuckle.  Yeah, the whole idea was doomed from the start. They look pretty silly on our wall.  Not at all the chic image I had pictured in my head.

Sometimes you win and sometimes…  you give up and print a normal photo already?

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