Friday Garden Update

TGIF!  It’s looking like a beautiful day in Boston.  The heat and humidity are down and I’m feeling so sorry for the folks out west enduring the heat!  We’ve been very lucky this year and have had a lot of rain.  I am surprised that it’s August and we haven’t had a water ban.  The planters on the porch are definitely doing great.  Who knew that coleus would grow so tall?!  Here is a complete list of the plants in the pots.

Despite the attack of the tomato caterpillar earlier this week (here), the tomatoes are now turning red.  We expect that we’ll only have this one crop of them though so since all the leaves are gone.

The garden is still looking a little sad.  We’ve continued to struggle with the new soil and all the little pests that come with suburban living.  In the city we didn’t have any creatures except maybe a stray skunk.  Although it looks like I may have spoken too soon when I said before that the brussel sprouts were dead.  Crop number two has been a fighter!

Did the shiny water bulbs help to fight off whatever was eating them?  These bulbs do look fierce don’t they?!

The pumpkins are going crazy!  Howard learned that not all pumpkin plants produce pumpkins though.  They need to cross pollinate so Howard has been helping them each morning with a Q-tip.

And look what I found sprouting next to the pumpkin patch – Q tips!  Who knew these grew in Massachusetts?!

We’ve started the fall crop which has begun to sprout already.  This includes kale and broccoli.

How is your garden looking?  Have a great weekend!

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