Mantel Redo

I took advantage of the nice weather on Friday and Saturday and headed to the Cape for a little rest and relaxation.  Of course that included a trip to Christmas Tree Shop and HomeGoods with my mom! 

I’ve been searching for a painting for the mantel in our family room for a while now.  The fireplace has a recessed part which limits the size of the painting making the task even more difficult.  I finally found something that fit and worked with the colors of the room and the beach house theme at HomeGoods. 

I like how the new painting lightens up the space.  We had a piece of art from my mother-in-law which I love but the mantel wasn’t doing her artwork any favors.  The bricks were muddling the colors.  I moved it into the dining room over the black liquor cabinet where the frame matches and the white walls make the colors pop!

Most recently the mantel has looked a little shabby with my DIY painting here and my DIY succulents in a jar here.  I really tried to do something creative but it didn’t work.  Even this picture makes me frown. Bluck.

I scored another nautical accent at HomeGoods.. here fishy fishy… l.o.v.e. this guy..

And scored a vase at HomeGoods that I thought would add some height to the mantel but it added a little too much drama. Don’t you think? 

So I balanced the mantel using a shell that we already had. Simple is always better in my opinion.

The result is a lighter looking mantel.

I would like to hang the frame on the bricks but I need Howard’s help to do that so for now it’s just resting on the mantel.  I also have plans to sand the mantel to remove the dark stain.  The wood actually appears to be a nice color with some rustic texture but the stain is adding to the heaviness of the fireplace so I’d like to change that.  All in time.

I also scored some new finds at Christmas Tree Shop but you’ll have to check back later this week to see those. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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