Christmas Tree Shop finds

Since I can remember, I’ve always liked the decorative glass balls that show up in home decorating stores.  I’ve always secretly wanted them but had no idea what to do with them.  After finding some seriously cute ones for a $1 each at Christmas Tree Shop I finally broke down and bought them. Seven of them to be exact.

I tucked them into the empty Nantucket basket that has been sitting in our kitchen.

Here is what the shelf looked like before.  A little plain and simple.  The half-circle shape of the shelves make it hard to decorate.  I keep thinking that this is the spot for cookbooks but they just don’t work here.  Besides, the shell that is on the top shelf had already been confiscated for the mantel redo project here.

And this is what the shelf now looks like now.  I put this awesome bowl that was a house warming gift from some great friends on top to match the blue.

On another note, I’ve starting looking for a new aim and shoot camera that offers more control with the amount of light from the flash.  With the Canon Powershot I’ve been using there seems to be either too much light or not enough.  I usually end up turning off the flash but the quality seems extra grainy.  I think part of the problem is that the files compress when they upload for the blog.  But don’t other bloggers have the same problem? I don’t want a bulky camera because I like to keep it in my pocket as I’m out and about.  But, having to constantly change the room lighting for a shot is getting a little tedious too.  Here are some examples of the bright flash vs. no flash.

No Flash

Bright Flash

No Flash

Bright Flash

Has anyone found the perfect aim and shoot camera?  If so, please let me know!  There are so many options it’s hard to know where to begin.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shop finds

  1. Renter's Paradise says:

    I don’t know what sort of price range you’re looking at for a new camera, but I love my Canon Powershot S95. It can do full manual, but I usually shoot on Aperture Priority. You can adjust the exposure and shutter speed to get enough light without using a flash, and it’s the same size as any other point and shoot.

    Those little balls are really cute. I love all the different patterns.


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