Friday Garden Update

I know it’s not exactly Friday yet, but I took the day off so it’s already Saturday in my mind. With the beautiful weather, long work days, and the need for a little R&R this weekend we honestly didn’t tackle much around the house this week.  Howard took the time to fertilize the lawn so once again he gets the props for working hard! And his hard work is paying off….

The pumpkins have gone bonkers and found their way into the garden through the fence for some of the good soil.  Isn’t that incredible?

The little Q-tip pollination trick has also paid off because we have baby pumpkins!  I really wanted to put a smiley face on this guy with the big green hair but I knew it would bring a frown to my husband’s face.  You get the idea though.

The window planter adjacent to the back walkway managed to survive the crazy weather we’ve had this summer.  This window box gets a little shade which seems favorable.

But the planters on the front of the house couldn’t take the hot sun that we had a few weeks ago and don’t appear willing to make a comeback.  We even moved them into a location with a little daytime shade next to the rain barrel.

One lonely flower is keeping me from dumping the boxes and repainting them.

While I was taking photos around the house I noticed what I thought were more Q-tips sprouting!  (If you missed the crop of Q-tips you can see them here.) This time they are really are mushrooms.  If I were a mushroom I would want to live in that mushy dark organic mulch too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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