Formal Dining Room

Our house has two dining tables.  We have one in the actual dining room, which seats four, and our long table shares the back half of our house with the living room.  Since we always eat at the kitchen island, the two dining areas are only used when we have company.   And since we haven’t repainted the living room yet, or actually sat in this room in months, it was looking bare and rather uninviting.

The grass plant that was on the liquor cabinet has actually been a joke of ours.  It came with the house.  It was originally sitting in the bay window in the family room.  Obviously the previous owners saw the need to take everything down to the bathroom mirror and screen door but not that grass plant!  It even had the price tag on it.

Last week, my mother in law’s artwork came down from the mantel in the family room.  You can see it here.  I’ve been wanting to put it over our black liquor cabinet for a long time but since we didn’t have anything to go over the mantel in the family room it was temporarily on view there.

We also picked up the Mona Vase from Crate and Barrel last week with the intention of putting it in the living room next to the liquor cabinet.

And it almost didn’t make it to the back of the house after I saw how nicely it matches the family room.  Fearing it will get knocked over when we fill the bottom nook with firewood in the fall I agreed to moved it.

Howard let me hang the painting on my own above the cabinet.  And to his surprise, it is actually centered and straight and hasn’t fallen down (yet)!   I love how the black frame matches the cabinet perfectly.  I filled the top of the cabinet with a display of various gifts from family members.  When we have company I usually clear this space and stock the top with wine and glasses for guests.

The tall grass was moved to the dining table until I have the courage to throw it away. 

I realize that the after photo isn’t that different but the room feels different. Trust me. 

I would still like to paint the room to give it a more modern feel.  Before we moved in I had already picked out a light blue/grey color but the idea of painting all of the trim white sounds tedious and boring.  One of these days we’ll get to it.

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