Fall Ideas

I just saw over on The Lettered Cottage that there are a couple of fun decorating parties lined up for this fall. I love a good blog party. It’s too early to think of fall… I’m afraid to admit that while I love summer, fall is by far my favorite season. It’s time to stop worrying about bathing suits and time to cozy up on the couch, take walks in the woods, and stuff my cheeks with candy corns. Does anyone else put the candy corns on their teeth like fangs? Good times.

I took some time to start a new board over at Pinterest today and woweee am I excited for some new DIY crafts. There are only so many things a girl can do with starfish after all.  And my latest obsession is steadily becoming the owl just in time for autumn.

One of my favorite ideas is this cinnamon stick wreath!  I think I’ve just found an excuse to visit Christmas Tree Shop or Ocean State Job Lot.  I think this could be an expensive project if I were to buy all these cinnamon sticks at the grocery store.

Here are some other great DIY wreath ideas that I found on Pinterest.

And here is one that channels The Blair Witch Project.  Funky but scary!

Another fun idea is to hang pinecones from a ribbon. This display could easily replace my hanging starfish for fall.

Am I crazy to be excited for the fall season?   Have you started thinking about fall decorating? Maybe I’ll have to do a summer post later this week to keep myself grounded in August.

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