Friday Garden Update (with Bonus Summer Photos)

This week Howard took another trip to the local garden center because I just had to have some Black-Eyed Susans!  Fun fact: Black-Eyed Susans are America’s most popular wildflower.

The whole neighborhood has them so they must be easy to grow right? My way of figuring out what works month  by month in our area is to sneak a peek at the neighbors’ yards.  Anything that seems popular and doing well seems like a safe plant for our yard too.  Our goal is to have something blooming at all times.  We don’t have a cohesive plan.  We are just layering in baby steps to see what works.

Of course my husband couldn’t walk out of there with just one Black-Eyed Susan plant.  Nope – he has to get two of those, a few Asters, and a few more pots of something called “Self-Heal Prunella ‘Freelander Blue.’

These guys are supposed to bloom into fall but look a little past peak.  I hope they bounce back.

One has a new home next to the garden.

I wanted the Black-Eyed Susans or more Coreopsis to go back here since they are taller, but Howard was doing the digging so he did the deciding. Look at how well my Coreopsis is doing next to the house.  It’s really spread out. I’m hoping it will continue to grow and be a visual distraction from the basement window.

And here are where the other new plants ended up.

I didn’t forget that I promised to share some summer shots. Here are some photos from the Old Timer’s Surf Competition on Cape Cod a couple weeks ago.  Howard surfs in this each year.  It’s a great reunion for him and his college friends.  The weather wasn’t the best, but we had a great time anyways! Despite the flat ocean in the photos, some swells did roll in for the surfers!

And who doesn’t love a few ducks? Even with the kids and pets setting these little quackers are hard to capture.  Here are my best out of 150 shots!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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