Finding inspiration in strange places

Hurricane Irene has left us without power and with a really large tree in our front yard.  

It missed the house but fell right on the power and cable lines so we’ll probably be without power for quite some time.  Our street is also closed with more downed trees and power lines. I’ll post storm photos as soon as the power is back and I can download the images.  Everyone is safe and the house is undamaged but there is a lot of cleanup to be done.  I hope everyone else and their families are safe too! 

In the meantime, I’ll share with you the front door that really inspired us to do something new.

I bet you are wondering where we found this look.  Here’s a hint:

We were at the Marshfield Fair!

Initially, I wasn’t sure how I could take my photos and turn them into a blog posting about home and gardens.  I had wasted most of the camera’s memory card on the rabbits and chickens.

But then we made it to the Horticultural Barn and all of the flowers and garden vegetables gave me an idea.

There were amazing flowers on display.  And there were lots of local competitions.  Here is the winner of the flower competition.

I declared that I loved this arrangement and I could see how the judges would too after viewing some of the competition.

One of our favorite categories was the decorated hat category!  How cute?!

Yum. I love candy too.

Then there was the vegetable competition.  I bet these looked better on the first day of the fair. A week later they were looking kinda moldy.

Lastly we got to the part that Howard was waiting for… the pumpkin contest!  Since we now have about a dozen little pumpkins in the yard we are obviously experts and need to check out the competition!

The winner was over a thousand pounds from New York!  I still don’t know when you decide that it’s time to pick a pumpkin of that size. Do you pick it when it hits a thousand? or wait for a couple hundred more pounds?

We didn’t go on any rides or win any prizes…

But we did stick around for some fried dough and a little dirt bike racing.

Overall, it was a fun evening and a welcome change from our daily routine.

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