Mailbox Upgrade

When we bought our house, there was a beat up painted red mailbox at the end of the driveway.  I wish I had snapped a picture of it back then, but I didn’t.  I hated that mailbox.  And shortly thereafter, became obsessed with everyone else’s mailboxes.  Eventually, we replaced it with a standard black mailbox.  It’s pretty boring. 

Afraid that a plow would hit the mailbox, I cut out reflective red tape for the arm. 

Since becoming officially mailbox obsessed, I’ve been noticing all of the nicer mailboxes around town. I told Howard my curiosity is because I didn’t grow up with a mailbox.  As a kid we had to go to the Post Office to pick up our mail.  Having a mailbox is such a luxury.  

I think the Walpole Woodworkers mailboxes are the best. But they also add up to a few hundred bucks. So, I ordered some custom lettering for our mailbox at a place online called DIY Lettering.  That site has a hundred types of lettering fonts so the decision making took a few days.  The total was just under $20 and the letters arrived in less than a week.  All you have to do is clean the mailbox (looks better already, right?!) and stick the letters on.

Wowee – check out that fancy mailbox! 

The new lettering and red reflective arm really standout at night.

The next step will be to remove the numbers on the pole.  The post numbers blend into the post when seen in person but the photos here make them stand out more.  I’m hoping the last step will be to convince Howard that the post should be painted to match the trim of the house.  The post currently matches the house stain and is really weathered.

Am I the only mailbox obsessed person out there?  Can anyone else help me convince Howard that the post should be painted white to match the house trim? Leave us a comment with your best argument!

3 thoughts on “Mailbox Upgrade

  1. sillysimple says:

    you aren’t the only mailbox obsessed person. I actually bought a brass mailbox to use as the card holder at my wedding… even though I don’t own a home and it will be years before I do… right now it is pretty and sits on top of the bookshelf in my living room 🙂


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